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Anthony Klinkert is a wireless expert specializing in broadband wireless network strategy, planning and design. He has held positions as an executive in corporate management, as well as senior consulting and engineering positions, in such leading corporations as IBM, MCI, GE, TI, and Motorola. He also successfully established entrepreneurial ventures, including Klinkert Software & Services, Inc, an advanced network topology optimization company and Klinkert and Associates, Inc., a licensed professional engineering corporation. 

He is a candidate for the Doctor of Engineering degree with a concentration in Engineering Management from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. His praxis for this engineering doctorate is focused on optimization modeling of the deployment of a broadband wireless networks such as LTE, WiMAX, WiFi, point to multipoint, mesh, and wide area outdoor networks. Using techniques of systems engineering and operations research for techno-economic analysis of a network implementation, he applies mathematical (linear, non-linear, network flow, fixed charge or integer) programming for constrained optimization. He applies the methodology he developed for his praxis to solving large scale network optimizations for the coming Internet of Things (IoT) and  machine to machine (M2M) networks, including the “small cell backhaul” problem, the utility “smart grid” problem, and the "video everywhere backhaul" problem.

He received his MS-Telecommunications, and MSEE from SMU, and his BSEE from The University of Texas, at Austin.

Recently Anthony has been recognized as an expert in smart grid and smart meter communications infrastructure design for the utility sector. He provides strategy, plans and designs in the area of electric, water and gas automatic metering infrastructure (AMI), distribution automation (DA), Demand Side Management and Distribution System Management (DSM) and mobile workforce management. He applies his knowledge of wide area communications infrastructure networking to the next generation intelligent utility network (IUN).

In 2008, Tony published the book, Creating WiMAX RFPs, targeted at executives and technical staff planning to deploy a broadband wireless network.

In 2007, he was honored by IBM with a Bravo award for excellence in support of WiMAX marketing initiatives.

In 2005, he was honored by The Office of the Dean of Student Life at SMU for support to university initiatives.

As CEO and Managing Executive Consultant at Klinkert & Associates, he provided major corporations as well as entrepreneurial clients with advanced strategy and plans for designing and deploying wireless broadband networks. Typical projects included a nationwide 600-location corporate enterprise indoor wireless local area network design, a regional outdoor wireless wide area network strategy, and strategic leadership for a nationwide broadband wireless initiative. His specialty was and is providing advanced management science modeling and optimization of wireless technology for entrepreneurs, carriers, officials and executives establishing revenue, cost, net income and cash flow for business cases for major wireless network initiatives.

Tony is a frequent public speaker at industry events where he provides technology insights and perspectives on wireless technology.

In 2002, he produced and led a webcast delivered from the campus of SMU nationally to the broadband wireless sector focused on the application of operations research optimization and Quality Function Deployment design methodology, both applied to the effective selection of specifications at both the carrier wide area network level, as well as the vendor equipment product level.

Also in 2002, Tony was awarded the WCA Golden Eagle Award for Technical Vision & Industry Service, in part for his Chairmanship of the Engineering Committee and the Operator Experts' Group.

In 2001 he was appointed Chairman of the Engineering Committee of the Wireless Communications Association, an industry trade association focused on the advancement of broadband wireless technology including WiMax, WiFi, in licensed and license-exempt spectrum bands. His technical leadership provided guidance to the industry during a period of transition from older broadcast video services in the Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS) band to the latest mobile Internet services now called the Broadband Radio Service (BRS).

Early in his career Tony worked on microwave circuit design and VHF base station product development.




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